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With a clear and vibrant tone that ranges from the lilting falsetto to the huskiness of a Sarah Vaughn, Philadelphia-bred L'Tanya Mari' displays a vocal prowess that is not seen very often. Carmen Miller, Jazz USA 

L ́Tanya Mari ́ could not help but be so profoundly affected by music, considering her native Philadelphia. After a well- rounded jazz education, including the tutelage of Grady Tate, and establishment as an educator, Mari ́ releases her debut, A Teardrop of Sun. With a perfectly unadorned and simply phrased vocal style riding a perfect pitch voice. Her approach is not unlike that of a young Wynton Marsalis, who debuted with sharply-coiffed early recordings, well conceived and played. 

"Star Eyes," "That Old Black Magic," and "You Go To My Head" all are given fresh, straight-ahead reading. Pianist Harry Appelman grounds the pieces while Mari ́ weaves her magic spell of impeccable technique and true feeling.

C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz


O's Notes: This is L' Tanya's debut recording and she sings with the poise and control of a polished veteran. "Star Eyes" is one of many fine ballads in this set of nine newly arranged standards. Among the best are "You Go To My Head", "That Old Black Magic" and "The More I See You". Her tone is clear and heart felt. Marí' should delight fans for a long time.

D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz


Ms. Mari' has a strong vocal instrument with coloratura range. L'Tanya sings a haunting "Head," accompanied by only by Paul Wingo on guitar. It's a track which leaves the listener looking forward to her next release.

Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence Magazine


With a clear and vibrant tone that ranges from the lilting falsetto to the huskiness of a Sarah Vaughn, Philadelphia-bred L'Tanya Mari' displays a vocal prowess that is not seen very often. Her debut CD A Teardrop of Sun, is the first step in a career that should carry her into the annals of vocal jazz history. Her daring and difficult rendition of Bill Evans "Very Early" is the first track on the release and shows her vocal range and abilities right from the start. "Crystal Silence" is a somber and beautiful lament of love lost. The vocal abilities of L'Tanya shine on all of the tracks including the lovely "The More I See". Get a copy and own the beginning of a legacy.

Carmen Miller, Jazz USA 


This lady jazz singer takes me back to a day & time when giants were the ones that ruled the airwaves...her delivery reminds one of such greats as Ella Fitzgerald & Sarah Vaughn. 

....What makes a jazz singer is the soul they're able to pass on to the listener, & L' Tanya Mari' has that down to a "T"... she's one of the best jazzers I've heard this year, & gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to be sure.

Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation issue #95 


The meal begins with a classic Bill Evans cut “Very Early.” L’Tanya’s vocal command is demonstrated clearly in her beautiful negotiation of the two-octave melody, easily navigating over the multiple keyed harmonic platform.

Jeff Becker, Jazz Sensibilities


In listening to L'Tanya Mari's debut CD A Teardrop Of Sun, one is first struck by the beauty of her voice. The next reaction is admiration for her ability to make the difficult interval jumps on Bill Evans' "Very Early" sound effortless. By the time Ms. Mari' has displayed her versatility on Milton Nascimento's "Nothing Will Be As It Was" (great long tones) and the swing standard "I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues," she has won overboth this listener and most likely every audience.

....A very well-conceived set, L'Tanya Mari's A Teardrop Of Sun is one of the finest vocal releases of 2009.

Scott Yanow


I keep listening to A Teardrop of Sun! From the very challenging opening track, the rarely sung Bill Evans classic "Very Early" to the closer, a poignant and beautifully sparse version of "You Go To My Head", this CD's a winner and a most impressive debut recording! I look forward to hearing more. 

Grady Tate, Drummer and Jazz Vocalist

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